A complete Project - From A to Z

A complete Project - From A to Z

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The images below are the images of the first complete project I programmed by myself using Unreal Engine and Aximmetry.

In this project I used the following APIs:

(Facebook live chat API- YouTube live chat API) for a live voting during the broadcast.

(PUBGM API) to manipulate the game data and show live statistics from the live ongoing game and store the data for post-game broadcast statistics and scores calculations.

Note: I didn't design anything, the 3D/2D designs by our graphic designer Mohamad Mardinli and the motion graphics by our motion designer (Ghaleb Khatib).

My part was:

1- Setup the HTC Vive tracker using HTC Vive pro 2 to track the camera movement in the real world and then apply the movement to the virtual camera.

2- To use those assets, they created and implement it into the virtual studio in Unreal Engine 5.2.1.

3- Create the movement for all the 3D assets and the virtual cameras.

4- Setup the environment, lights and color correction.

5- Manipulate the data on the broadcast assets using the mentioned APIs to show live data.

6- Enhance the performance for a smooth and great quality output.

Click here to see the full project on Behance.

Click here to watch the event stream on YouTube.